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A Hemp Products Manufacturer ,Wholesaler & Exporter .

Hemp Pouch & Accessories

Nepal Hemp Industry
🤝Let's make a contribution together!🤝

For us, the use of sustainable and raw materials as well as production in family businesses and women's projects are part of a change in textile production that we want to see and support.

When manufacturing our products, we work exclusively with women's& Low Income family sewing workshops from Our Factory in Nepal. Our craftsmen receive a fair wage for their work, training, financial support and access to machines to make their work easier.

With a focus on sustainability, employment of local female and family sewing workshops, the environment and resource conservation, Nepal Hemp Industry aims to further promote and develop the lifestyles of people from the hilly and mountainous regions where the raw materials come from. 
It is far better to use hemp products then other chemical processed products to save EARTH.

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