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Hemp Colorful Belt

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Last Updated : Dec 14, 2020 17:03 pm
Code NHI-121
Price $ 10.00
Weight 0.1
Material Hemp
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Product Details
Belt Measurements:
Length: 45 Inches. (115 cm)
Width: 1.75 Inches. (4 cm)

Here are some characteristics of hemp fiber.

*It is an ancient best fiber that is strong and long wearing— the lifespan of hemp is the longest of all the natural fibers.
*Hemp breathes and works as natural isolators, which means it stays cooler in warm weather and warmer in cold weather.
*Hemp is highly resistant to ultraviolet light, which means it will not fade or disintegrate in sunlight. Indeed, it works as sun protection as hemp fiber absorbs up to 90% of UV radiation.
*Hemp doesn’t require pesticides and is easy to grow organically.

Belt Buckles are made of alloy metals.

Hemp farming cleans the air, water and nourishes the land. Their deep roots need minimal water as they carbon farm Co2 back into ground. It is world's best rotation crop. It does not require any pesticides to grow hemp. Hemp has been used for clothing’s and garments since ancient times for its strength, durability, and simplicity.

Care Instructions: Hand wash using cold water and mild detergent. Lay flat to dry. With each wash your beanie will become softer and softer.
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