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A Hemp Products Manufacturer ,Wholesaler & Exporter .

About Us


Nepal Hemp Industry Pvt. Ltd. is an online wholesale platform, offering a wide variety of Nepali hemp handicrafts products at an affordable price and ship worldwide. Our mission is to connect the dots between the local artisans as well as the overall Nepali handicraft community with the rest of the world using technology.

We are manufacture company of various unique hand loom hemp products from the Himalaya is a company in Nepal. We manufacture various types of unique vintage handmade hemp fabric, hemp thread ,bags & accessories , using hand and traditional hand operating machines by our cheerful, hardworking ,very creative & skilled manpower (local women ). With maximum utilization of locally made natural and eco-friendly raw materials like hemp and nettle, we are manufacturing our various products and has been exporting worldwide

As all our products are made from both natural and local raw materials therefore they are eco-friendly and do not cause deforestation but in fact helps reduce it. We mainly concentrate on manufacturing various unique, and vintage hemp products and promoting it across the world to encourage and uplift the skills and lifestyle of people of the regions from the raw material originates. 

No matter, if you are new to Nepali handicrafts business, we will be sitting right beside you for helping you out to select the authentic handmade goods from Nepal and promoting them together. Feel free to contact us for further queries.

Nepal Hemp Industry Pvt. Ltd. is an environmentally conscious company offering ethically sourced, artisan-made products. Behind each product is a story - and a power to make a difference. With every purchase, you help directly to empower women , local artisan and rural area’s Nepalese villagers ,who are helping environment by planting hemp plants.

Nepal is a landlocked country, where 80% of the population still depend on agriculture, and it has a long and deep history with Hemp. We still recall our grandmothers weaving textiles using handmade looms. Our ancestors have been growing, cultivating and utilising Hemp in numerous ways for generations.
Our family is involving in this business from long time .In my childhood ,when I was in Village ( Bajhang, sudurpachhim provence ).My father used to collect hemp fiber ,seeds , hemp fabric called pata in local language and head to Kathmandu to sell them. Later on my Big brother came in to this business, he stablish a small factory and started working making bags from village collected hemp fabric (pata). 25 years ago hemp was main source of income in my village but now the planting of hemp plant and hemp related business is very very less because of people are going to work in foreign countries like Dubai, Qatar, Malaysia, japan and other countries.We then explored Hemp's endless uses and benefits to the environment and to the local communities here by giving jobs. We were baffled by its eco-friendly and sustainable attributes. Then, combining our individual ideas, knowledge, and our experiences, Nepal Hemp Industry Pvt. Ltd. was born.

Nepal Hemp Industry Pvt Ltd is also work on our own brand under our company “Himalayan Jhola” meaning HIMALAYAN BAG in Nepal.

Our product collection, Hemp Thread, Hemp Fabric, backpacks, Laptop Bags ,laptop cases, waist bags, totes, Hats, slippers, shoes pouch bags, wallets, yoga mat, yoga mate case, Guitar bag, Hemp cotton shirt ,Masks and many more is made with 100% pure hemp. Hemp cotton fabric . The linings of the bags are with cotton and recycled rice bags, providing a durable lining. Color ,we use as on customer demands ( natural and chemical both colors ). Find out more about our production here.
Although it has been a challenge to create and produce within Nepal using the limited resources available within the country, we have always sought for innovative, sustainable solutions. We take pride in promoting slow, traditional Nepali craftsmanship -passed down from our ancestors. Our responsibility towards supporting our growers, weavers, and Artisians, to provide fair and sustainable income will always be in place regardless of any hurdles.
As we evolves, we are all learning and growing each day. We will make mistakes, learn from them, make another one. But we won't stop because the only way is forward.
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