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A Hemp Products Manufacturer ,Wholesaler & Exporter .

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Nepal Hemp Industries Pvt. Ltd. a leading hemp
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Nepal Hemp Industry Pvt. Ltd. is an online wholesale platform, offering a wide variety of Nepali hemp handicrafts products at an affordable price and ship worldwide. Our mission is to connect the dots between the local artisans as well as the overall Nepali handicraft community with the rest of the world using technology.

We are manufacture company of various unique hand loom hemp products from the Himalaya is a company in Nepal. We manufacture various types of unique vintage handmade hemp fabric, hemp thread ,bags & accessories , using hand and traditional hand operating machines by our cheerful, hardworking ,very creative & skilled manpower (local women ). With maximum utilization of locally made natural and eco-friendly raw materials like hemp and nettle, we are manufacturing our various products and has been exporting worldwide

As all our products are made from both natural and local raw materials therefore they are eco-friendly and do not cause deforestation but in fact helps reduce it. We mainly concentrate on manufacturing various unique, and vintage hemp products and promoting it across the world to encourage and uplift the skills and lifestyle of people of the regions from the raw material originates. 

No matter, if you are new to Nepali handicrafts business, we will be sitting right beside you for helping you out to select the authentic handmade goods from Nepal and promoting them together. Feel free to contact us for further queries.


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Welcome to Nepal Hemp Industry Pvt. Ltd.

You can find many hemp products manufacturer , dealer and exporter these days, especially around Kathmandu Valley . Many shop sells such hemp products in great number .We (Nepal Hemp Industry Pvt. Ltd.).have the capacity of producing 5000 Pcs – 8000Pcs hemp Backpacks per month in our factory.

The cost of hemp backpacks ranges from USD 5 to USD 25 according to the style ( hard and simple to stitch ) ,color (chemical color and organic color) ,size (big and small ),Fabric (quantity of hemp and quantity of cotton used on final products) and accessories (zippers, slider and buckles..) you choose

If you wish to buy hemp products in wholesale then we are glad to tell you that we also make the hemp products , according to your choice and color.

We can even add some name tags or any extra designs if you want . The price of the bags is always negotiable. If you purchase in Bulk (min 25 pcs in a design).If you are on own Brand then we are best place to deal with..

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